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Monday Elopement special only $100.00 in Bristol, CT!
This is for the wedding couple only. 
CT needs no witnesses, so family and friends count as a guest.


Ceremonies are $150.00 unless it's a holiday which is $200.00.

 Depending on ceremony location, there may be a mileage/parking charge.

Holiday Weddings: This includes New Year's Day, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter weekend,

Memorial Day weekend, 4th of July, Labor Day weekend, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve,

Christmas Day and New Year's Eve

$50.00 of each wedding fee is required to be donated to Out to Pasture Farm & Rescue. 

(This is non-negotiable!)


Donation Information

Out To Pasture Farm & Rescue, Inc.



Please search the site below or their myspace page to help you find a special needs animal, of your choice, to donate towards.


"Dear Cami,

Thank you for taking an interest in our very special animals and putting us on your website.  Your kindness is so appreciated."

My Best,
Carrie - Out to Pasture, Farm & Rescue


Can you explain the donation process?
A portion of my fees are to be made as a donation to a special needs animal from Out to Pasture Farm & Rescue.  For example, any of their animals that has been previously abused, neglected or seriously ill.

Where do I make my donation?
All donations are to be made out directly to Out to Pasture Farm & Rescue, Inc. Once you pick an animal, please email me the name and photo  of which animal you are donating towards.  There is a link on my donation page that will bring you to Out to Pasture Farm & Rescue.  There, you find a variety of animals to choose from.  

Do I have to choose which animal to donate towards?
It's not required that you choose, but it is strongly encouraged.



"Unsung Hero"



"They don't have to be perfect to be loved"