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  Ceremony Descriptions  





Cake & Ale Ceremony

Photo by Rick Dubie

The Cake & Ale Ceremony allows for the Bride and Groom to share their first meal together as husband and wife.

Double Ring Exchange

Photos by Rick Dubie

The exchange of rings has been a time-honored tradition for centuries.  A double ring exchange puts a modern twist on that old tradition.  Both Bride and Groom exchange rings at the same, binding them and giving them another way to bond.

Honoring the Mothers

The flowers represent the ways in which the bride and groom have blossomed and grown up into the adults they are on their wedding day.  The bride and groom  each hand  a specially picked bouquet of flowers off to their mother as a gift to say thank you for all the love and support.

Island Sweets Exchange

In every marriage there should be a little sweetness.  In the Island Sweets Exchange, the Bride and Groom express their first act of unity as husband and wife by sharing three island sweets, being pineapple, coconut and mango.

Jumping the Broom and Sword


The practice of having couples "jump the broom and sword" during wedding ceremonies are both an African American as well as a neo-pagan custom. The couple jumps over a sword and broom while holding hands. The sword is symbolic of cutting ties with the old life before they were together and the broom represents the old remnants being swept away. The leap that the couple takes over the broom and sword is also symbolic. Starting a new life with another person does require a "leap of faith". But by taking the leap, the individuals make a gesture of dedication to working together through the tough times ahead and the willingness to care for and defend one another.

Rose Ceremony

The Rose Ceremony is placed at the end of the wedding ceremony just after being pronounced husband and wife. In the past, the rose was considered a symbol of love and a single rose always meant only one thing - it meant the words "I love you." So it is appropriate that the first gift - as husband and wife - would be a single rose. (Every flower has its own meaning, you may substitute any flower you like.)

Sand Ceremony

Like the unity candle, the sand is used in uniting of the bride and groom. As the two vials of sand are poured into one, they flow together symbolizing the joining of the couple as they share their first experience of unity as husband and wife. The newly formed union is represented by the intertwined pattern of sand created by the couple.

Seedling Ceremony

The Seedling Ceremony is a combination of seedlings planted into a symbolic planter by the bride and groom.  Once the seedlings are covered by dirt, together, the bride and groom pour water over the seedlings to nourish them.  After the ceremony, the newly formed plant is brought to the bride and groom's home to be planted in a special spot selected together.

Unity Bouquet

A Unity Bouquet is a random arrangement of flowers.  They are handed to the bride by each family member or friend that is seated at the end of each aisle.  Each flower has a different symbolic meaning of what the giver wishes for the brides future.

Unity Candle Ceremony

The Unity Candle symbolizes the very essence of the wedding ceremony. The single candles represent the two families alone, one for the bride’s family and one for the groom’s family. The taper candles are ignited and then together, the two single candles light the center candle, representing the coming together of the two families and their visible commitment to each other.  The alternative to this ceremony, is to include other members of the family to participate.  It's a good way to bring step-families together.

Wishing Stone Ceremony

The Wishing Stones are presented to guests upon their arrival. They hold them in the palm of their hands and make a wish for the couple’s life together.  Wishes can consist of anything from a large healthy family to eternal love.  A great way to add  extra sentiment is to provide felt tipped pen for the guests  write their names and wishes on.

Wreath Ceremony

A wreath is a traditional symbol of matrimony and friendship and also represents the Circle of Life. Wreaths given as gifts represent love, happiness, friendship and gratitude. The wreath is made by members of the community, as a gift and a blessing. Friends and family members have the opportunity to add sprigs of chosen plants, herbs, flowers, & tokens with traditional meanings related to marriage. The wreath decorates the Bride/Grooms home, as love decorates their lives. The wreath will let them remember the love shared by all of us there on that day.

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